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Please read this page to find out how MG Consulting can help you complete your Adult Use Dispensary License Application and start your business in the highly lucrative cannabis field.

Initiating A Successful Business In Such A New, Highly Regulated And Competitive Industry Requires Rare, Specialized Knowledge.

MG Consulting is an established consulting firm with a broad range of service offerings in the cannabis industry. We maintain a proven track record of success helping guide clients through the application process and start-up phase.

Over the years, MG Consulting

has carefully cultivated and maintained a powerful network of industry specialists and continues to expand both full-time and contract staff. Care is taken to work only with the best, and our team continues to partner with those who add value and passion to the organization. 

Our team brings over 100 years of combined experience in the Cannabis industry, and is comprised of:

  • Technical Writers
  • Award-Winning Cannabis Industry Architects
  • Lobbyists 
  • Cannabis Consultants That Work Closely With Local Municipalities 
  • Floor Plan Designers and Consultants 
  • Real Estate Brokers and Developers 
  • Cultivation Directors 
  • Marketing and Branding Specialists 
  • Project Managers 
  • A Medical Dispensary Owner
  • Certified Personal Accountants 
  • Army Veterans
  • Zoning Lawyers
  • Security Advisors
  • Eco-Focused Architects  
  • Grant Advisors 
  • Investment Consultants 
  • Industry Advocates

We have built close connections

and meaningful relationships with:

  • Local Municipalities
  • Unions
  • A Director Of Economics
  • A Chief Of Staff in Illinois
  • Financial Investors 
  • A Minority-Owned Cannabis Security Company
  • Waste Management Companies 

Our unique combination of academic and operational resources provides clients with a distinct advantage over competitors.

To date, MG Consulting has worked with over 140 clients spanning multiple US States and various countries.

Our staff has well over 100 years of cumulative regulated cannabis experience. MG Consulting maintains one of the industry’s best track records of winning competitive licenses and helping those clients initiate long term successful businesses.

On the design/build side of the equation, our focus is on highly automated, efficient, and sustainable cultivation and processing facilities and methodologies, with a niche in the greenhouse and indoor sectors. MG Consulting has deep expertise and demonstrated ability in cannabis facility design and construction, utilizing cGMP, and ‘clean room’ and pharmaceutical-grade standards. With a background in commercial construction and engineering, we know how to set-up your facility for the most efficient operation and fastest return on your investment. We have proven designs and strategies that give you an edge on the competition, so you can be first in your market with all the right pieces in place. 

Having access to a diverse knowledge base can help your organization avoid many of the common growing pains that can cost you significant time, effort, and money.

Working with MG Consulting

gives you unfettered access to our diverse body of knowledge, including…


  • Proper implementation of policy and procedure manuals
  • Employee handbooks
  • Staffing, employee education, and training plans
  • Shipping, receiving, and transportation procedures
  • Cultivation methods
  • Pesticide and fungicide procedures
  • Pest management
  • Products and strains
  • Packaging and labeling plans
  • Product storage plans
  • Waste disposal plans
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Product testing plans
  • Environmental impact mitigation
  • Recordkeeping procedures
  • Customer education
  • Services and support plans
  • Water flow and usage
  •  Inventory control, traceability, and product recall plans
  • And other topics needed to be competitive, compliant, and successful.
The final (and arguably the biggest) benefit to engaging MG Consulting is the transfer of knowledge. Our objective is to smoothly guide you through the initiation of your business and transfer the proper knowledge from our team to yours.

When You Choose MG Consulting, Three Key Characteristics Stand At The Core Of Our Strength As A Consulting Partner:



The overall experience of the team, and the depth and breadth of our team, stands at the center of our value proposition. Our employees and contract staff bring to the table years of experience in regulated cannabis, along with best of breed practices matured in traditional industry and horticulture. Our team members hold or have held careers in real estate development, general contracting, financial services, information technology, technology sales, small business development, eCommerce, and nutraceuticals among others. MG Consulting integrates these experiences and practices into superior business and operational models for our clients.



Strategic partnerships represent the second key component of our value proposition. These partnerships are key to MG Consulting’s track record of delivering intelligent and creative business development services, clean execution plans, and best of breed design and operational methodologies. MG Consulting holds strategic partnerships and/or purchasing agreements with numerous companies in the industry. MG Consulting also has access to subject matter experts in areas such as oil extraction, cannabinoid isolation, security, horticulture, food science, addiction prevention, customer education, design, branding, nutraceutical compounding, and digital marketing.



Passion is the third and final critical component of our value proposition. Each member of the MG Consulting team is genuinely passionate about the merits of cannabis. We are committed to facilitating a path to end prohibition. Volunteering and participating in industry organizations and events helps influence beneficial policies and strengthens our network of influence to build strategic partnerships. Some industry groups we contribute to as representatives of MG Consulting are: The National Cannabis Industry Association, The Marijuana Policy Project, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Americans for Safe Access, Thrive Community, Drug Policy Alliance, and Cannabis Business Alliance.

To Have A Chance At Being Awarded An Adult Use Dispensing Organization License in Illinois, You Must Submit The Most Competitive Application Possible. 

7 of the exhibits required

for a complete application must be custom-tailored to your business:

And 5 exhibits, while optional, provide you with an opportunity to score 70 extra points:

There are a lot of very strict requirements and a lot of moving pieces to this application process. Many applicants encounter such severe frustration that they end up throwing in the towel and giving up on their dream of owning an adult use dispensing organization. They lose their time, their money, and their hopes for a prosperous future.

MG Consulting has helped many different applicants navigate through the application process from start to finish, and have helped 5 applicants win an Adult Use Dispensing Organization License in Illinois.

We want to invite you to be next!

When you work with MG consulting,

you get unfettered access to, and one-on-one assistance from, our entire team — lobbyists, technical writers, architects, consultants, developers, specialists, lawyers, advisors, veterans, advocates — all who have extensive experience in the cannabis field, both in Illinois and across the globe. 

You get to meet with and lean on our support network, comprising of senators, union reps, directors, investors, public officials, and more. Making personal connections with the people in our support network will be invaluable to your business’ success. Each person in our network has been vetted by us, intimately understands the business you want to run, and has unique insights into the highly regulated world you’re competing to enter. 

If you don’t meet the “Status as a Veteran” or “Status as an Illinois Owner” criteria required to submit Exhibit S and Exhibit T, we will provide you with the opportunity for strategic partnerships – so you can fulfil one or both of those optional exhibits, and give your application critical points necessary to get ahead of your competition.

Our Support Doesn’t Stop Once You’ve Been Awarded Your License. 

The MG Consulting team will work with you through the application process and beyond until you’re completely ready to open shop.
Our expert team works with you to:
  • Search for and identify an approved facility site
  • ​Set up lease contracts, rent to buy agreements, purchase agreements, or land contracts, depending on the location you’ve chosen
  • ​Provide phase 1 IL application drawings
  • ​Prepare and submit zoning documents
  • ​Contact municipality and public officials 
  • ​Prepare and submit special permits 
  • ​Execute full retail interior design and branded interiors, environmental graphics, lighting, product display, casework, and back of house layout
  • ​Prepare for retail roll-out, including prototyping and multiple store roll-out
  • ​Ensure cGMP, GLP, and GAP compliance
  • ​Connect with vendors; from equipment manufacturers and vendors, to building contractors and staffing agencies – all serving the Illinois market
  • ​Create a plot plan, survey, map, and/or additional architect’s drawings if required
  • ​Negotiate with distributors and suppliers
  • ​And everything in between…

Your Opportunities For Growth Are Endless Once You’ve Secured Your Adult Use Dispensing Organization License

It’s easy to see why the application process is so highly competitive…

If You Want The Best Chance Possible At Winning An Adult Use Dispensing Organization License, You Need To Work With MG Consulting. 

You’re going to spend hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars

to put together all of the pieces and complete this application by yourself – and just one wrong or missing exhibit could cost you absolutely everything. 

When you work with MG consulting,

you get:
  • Access to our entire team of specialists ($100,000 value)
  • Introductions to, meetings with, and council from our vetted support network ($49,999 value) 
  • ​The opportunity for a strategic partnership that will put your application points ahead of the rest (invaluable) 
At the end of the process, you’ll have a complete and highly competitive application, formatted correctly according to submission requirements, to ensure the best chance of success at winning a license. If awarded a license, you’ll receive our full support and guidance through every step as you build and launch your business.

Your Competition Will Be Relentless In Their Pursuit Of A License; 

Hire MG Consulting Before They Do.

$149,999+ Value
You Pay: $50,000

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