Applying For An Adult Use Dispensing Organization License in Illinois Is A Competitive, Time-Consuming, And Strict Process.

Being awarded an adult use dispensing organization license in Illinois is the first step towards running the business of your dreams — and even one mistake could cost you everything…

(…including your $5000 application fee)

When reviewing an application

for an Adult Use Dispensing Organization License, the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation will rank applicants using the following scale:

In addition

to the 14 ranked exhibits, there are another 6 required exhibits that are awarded no points, but are still necessary for an application to be considered complete:

From the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation’s Conditional
Adult Use Dispensing Organization License Application Form:

“If the applicant does not provide all required information necessary to make its application complete
… the application will be rejected and not considered for a license, and the application fee [$5,000] will not be returned.”

And, although there are exhibits listed as optional – such as exhibit Q, exhibit R, and exhibit S – these optional exhibits are awarded a score if present with the application. Therefore, in order to have a competitive application, it is encouraged that you complete as many optional exhibits as possible.

In the event of a tie between two applications, the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation will score each tied applicant’s Plan for Community Engagement to determine who will receive the license(s).

There are a number of exhibits that must be custom-tailored to your operation:

You will spend a lot of time, energy, and financial resources in gathering all of the information and putting these exhibits together properly. It’s a very expensive, lengthy, and exhaustive process to ensure that you’ve done everything correctly to secure the points for each exhibit.

There are no partial points awarded for an exhibit, so it is imperative you complete each exhibit properly.

The good news

is that a number of exhibits are considered to be “canned exhibits”;

Canned exhibits

are exhibits that are required for a successful application but do not require any customization. Each applicant needs to meet the requirements of these exhibits, but they’re not specific to the applicant’s business.

Here’s where the good news comes in:

MG Consulting has put these canned exhibits together in a bundle for you – so you can avoid the many common mistakes and save a significant amount of time, effort, AND money.

All necessary references to The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (“HITECH”) are incorporated throughout the exhibits – so you don’t have to dig through sections/articles finding the appropriate references for yourself.

These exhibits also double as plans you can put into play for your future business. These plans and procedures meet all safety and regulatory requirements – you just need to review and put them into action.

These Exhibits Are Ready To Go

 They meet the strict requirements stated by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, so all you have to do is include them with your application.

Exhibit D

Dispensing Organization Agent Training and Education

$3999 Value

Exhibit D provides you with a comprehensive plan that describes the training and education that will be provided to dispensing organization employees. The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (“HITECH”) are all taken into account and referenced throughout the Exhibit.

It covers:
• Hiring Process and Communication with the Department
• Onboarding Training
• Continuing Education
• Ongoing Performance and Training Management
• General Company Policies
• Ethics and Professionalism
• Safety and Security Training
• And more…

Exhibit E

Purchaser Education Plan

$3999 Value

Exhibit E describes in detail how the proposed dispensing organization will provide: 

  1. education on whether possession of cannabis is illegal under federal law, 
  2. current educational information issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health about the health risks associated with the use or abuse of cannabis, 
  3. information about possible side effects; 
  4. notice of the prohibition on smoking cannabis in public places; and 
  5. any other appropriate purchaser education or support materials


It covers:

  • Customer confidentiality
  • Guidelines to stay safe and healthy
  • Cannabis delivery methods
  • Cannabis technical breakdown
  • Cannabis side effects
  • Addiction
  • And more…

Exhibit G

Recalls, Quarantine, and Destruction Plan

$3499 Value

Exhibit G provides you with a comprehensive plan that describes the: 

  1. recall practices, 
  2. quarantine practices; and 
  3. destruction practices for the proposed dispensing organization.


It covers: 

  • Mandatory vs. Voluntary Recalls
  • Serious Adverse Events vs. Product Complaints
  • Recall Procedures
  • The 6-step process required in order to notify affected purchasers who have, or likely have obtained the product from the dispensary, as required by The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act
  • Quarantine procedures as required by The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act
  • The destruction and disposal of recalled products as required by The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act
  • And more…

Exhibit H

Security Plan

$4999 Value

Exhibit H provides a plan that: 

  1. accounts for the prevention of theft or diversion of cannabis, 
  2. demonstrates safety procedures for dispensing organization agents and purchasers, 
  3. establishes procedures, equipment, and designs that provide for the safe delivery and storage of cannabis currency, and 
  4. demonstrates that all security procedures, equipment, and designs are and will be kept compliant with all applicable laws and administrative rules, including and in particular those set forth in Section 15-100 of the Act.


It covers: 

  • Staff: Onsite Security, Security Manager, General Manager, Security Guards, Security Firm, and their roles
  • Hiring
  • Security Training
  • Security Devices, including: Fencing, Windows, Surveillance Monitoring, Cameras, and more
  • Lighting, Motion Detection, Alarms, and Fire Systems
  • Recordkeeping and Storage, including Vault Specifications 
  • Security Access Cards and Card Readers
  • Emergency procedures 
  • And more… 

Exhibit I

Inventory Monitoring and Recordkeeping Plan

$2999 Value

Exhibit I provides a plan that demonstrates how the applicant will monitor purchases and denials of sale. This plan also includes: 

  1. the applicant’s strategy to communicate with the Division and the Illinois State Police on the destruction and disposal of cannabis, 
  2. how the applicant will comply with the Act and rules, including and in particular Section 15-75 of the Act; 
  3. how the applicant will comply with the Act and rules regarding recordkeeping, including and in particular Section 15-110 of the Act, and 
  4. how the applicant will maintain quality control over these processes.


It covers: 

  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Auditing Practices 
  • Inventory Management Methodology 
  • Receiving, Dispensing, and Disposing Of Cannabis
  • Recall Process And Procedures
  • And more…

Exhibit K

Operating Plan

$4999 Value

Exhibit K provides an operating plan that describes: 

  1. the day-to-day operations of the proposed dispensing organization and 
  2. a staffing plan for the dispensing organization, including the percentage of full-time employees who will be paid a living wage.

The exhibit references The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act accordingly. 


It includes: 

  • Daily Operations Overview
  • Receiving Deliveries 
  • Inventory Reconciliation 
  • Waste Disposal 
  • Visitor Procedures 
  • Sanitation Procedures
  • And more…

Exhibit Q

Labor and Employment Practices Plan

$2499 Value

Exhibit Q explains the plans to provide a safe, healthy, and economically beneficial working environment for its agents, including, but not limited to, codes of conduct, health care benefits, educational benefits, retirement benefits, living wage standards, and entering labor peace agreements with employees. 

It covers:

  • Living Wage and Salaries
  • Benefits
  • A Peace Agreement with 881 UFCW Union

Exhibit R

Environmental Plan

$3499 Value

Exhibit R demonstrates an environmental plan of action to minimize the carbon footprint, environmental impact, and resource needs for the dispensary, which includes recycling cannabis product packaging.

It covers:

  • Cultivation and Infuser Supply Partners
  • Minimizing Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impact
  • Recycling and Reducing
  • Transportation 
  • Water Consumption
  • A Continuous Improvement Plan
  • And more…

MG Consulting brings to the table over 25 combined years of experience in regulated cannabis, along with best of breed practices matured in traditional industry and horticulture. Our team members hold or have held careers in real estate development, general contracting, financial services, information technology, technology sales, small business development, e-commerce, and nutraceuticals among others.

We have worked diligently to ensure that our canned exhibits meet or exceed the standards set forth by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, so applicants are able to submit them with confidence.

Exhibits D, E, G, H, I, K, Q, and R…

  • Are done for you, saving you precious time and effort
  • Meet or surpass the strict requirements set by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation – so you can be certain you’re awarded the points
  • Are available for download/usage within 24 hours of purchase
  • Require little to no personalization 


Save hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, immeasurable stress, and get ahead of the game. 


When one mistake, a mere 5 points, could cost you your entire future, your one shot to get into the Adult Use Dispensing space – an ever-growing and highly lucrative space – can you really afford to do it on your own?

When The Stakes Are This High, You Can’t Afford To Pass Up A Sure Thing.

8 Completed Exhibits, 90 Guaranteed Points.

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